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Help! I’m frightened to make that call!

Ever get this? You have a list of people you need to call, but somehow everything else is more appealing. Filing, checking the database (again), making a coffee … somehow you can’t find your mojo when it comes to picking

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Every Little Helps

The trust our customers place in us is hard won, and we play fast and loose with it at our peril.

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A Christmas Hamper of Customer Types

If your customers were the contents of a Christmas Hamper, what would they be? Here, then, is a light-hearted delve into the Hamper of Delights that is your customer base. Well, we’re allowed to get a bit silly at Christmas…

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The Art of Apologising

‘Sorry’ is a word that’s very much over-used these days. So when you really need it to count, exactly how do you offer an unhappy customer a really great verbal apology? Here’s how…

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We Who Must Be Named (with care)

Names have power. Names have magic in them. Names wrap up all our expectations and emotional baggage into a neatly labelled parcel, whether we like it or not. Think carefully before you apply a label your customers…

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Customer Service Strategies to Grow Your Small Business – 30 July

Customer Service Strategy to Grow Your Small Business: Because happy customers make Repeat Business, Referrals and Recommendations…

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Delivering Top Notch Customer Service by Phone – 23 July

Delivering Top Notch Customer Service by Phone – a workshop for small businesses with a BIG customer service focus!

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Five ways to spot opportunist complainers

The customer is always the customer – but what if we suspect he or she is trying it on? Here are five ways you might spot those Opportunist Complainers.

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Customers In Disguise

I’ve worked with some interesting organisations recently, some of which are really not part of the traditional market for ‘customer service training’. And it’s brought about some fascinating conversations. Take, for example, the secondary school where I was asked to

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The Law of Harvest

September means lots of things: going back to school, nights drawing in, the start of that hurtle towards Christmas. It’s also harvesting time, which has been very much in evidence in my rural community. It got me thinking… if we’re

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We’re all in this together

As I work with organisations up and down the UK on their customer service delivery, I get very used to hearing one particular comment. Here it is: “I would love to promise my customers what they want (a response, a

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Firestarters (or things that wind up your customers)

“I’m a Firestarter…twisted Firestarter (whoooooooo!) HEY! HEY! HEY!” Firestarters. It’s the name I give to those gestures, sounds and phrases that can turn a perfectly reasonable customer conversation into a raging torrent of accusations, or a slamming down of the

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How changing your jacket can help you deal with difficult customers

One of the subjects I am most often asked to train out is how to handle difficult people – particularly customers who are angry or upset. There are lots of ways our customers can make themselves a challenge, and sometimes

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Lessons in Customer Service from Doctor Who

Last weekend was all about Doctor Who. Hard to believe it’s been going 50 years – and don’t those early episodes look OLD! How times have changed and how technology has moved on since those scratchy black and white days.

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The Customer Service Magic Ingredient

If you were to ask most customers what they’re looking for in a transaction, they will probably tell you they want the right product or service, at the right price, delivered at the right time and to the right quality.

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Guerrilla Gardening for Managers

Did you know that 1st May is International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day? It’s ‘an annual event of optimistic seed growing’. If you want to find out more, go take a look at – or better still, grab that trowel

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Listen up, Greater Anglia!

Yesterday I had a day out in London with a good friend of mine. It should be a simple enough train journey home (I live 45 minutes away from London on the mainline), but as anyone who goes into London

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Cockle-Warming Customer Service in Cold Hard Times

Customer service is a funny thing. We all know when we’ve received a poor version of it, and indeed, when that happens, we tend to go away and tell everyone we know all about it. Oh, and lots of strangers

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Customer Service Room 101

Customer service is a funny thing. We all know when we’ve received a poor version of it, and we tend to tell everyone we know about it too, including lots of strangers in cyberspace as well as our family, colleagues

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How to create your own luck

Someone very smart once said to me that “people will only ever treat you as well as you let them.” What wise words! We all, to a very large degree, create our own ‘luck’ when dealing with other people, and

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A World of Winnthinking direct to your Inbox!

Frequent visitors to this website will have noticed the arrival of something new – just over there, on the right. It’s our new Sign Me Up! box, giving you the opportunity to get a little bit of Winnthinking delivered to

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What makes customers behave badly?

In a previous life I spent six and a half years as a complaint handler on behalf of an investment company. People get very emotional about their money, and rightly so, and during the course of what must have been

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A Short Guide to Brilliant Customer Service

As regular visitors to Winnthinking will know, great customer service begins with enjoying your customers and truly appreciating them as the beating heart of your organisation. As with any heart, you need to keep them happy and active in order

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What’s your Alternative Job Title?

Last time I promised you a fun exercise you can run with your customer service people, to get them thinking differently about the day job. The following works well within a team meeting or as part of a broader development

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Customer service happens head first

Following my last Winnthink someone asked me to post up a few thoughts about this knotty problem: How do you get your customer service people to do it better – particularly when you can’t promise them any more money or

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Customer service: who gives a monkeys?

Last year, as often happens, I designed a course about delivering outstanding customer service. Not just good customer service. Not even great customer service – but how do you make an utterly, fantastically OUTSTANDING experience for every customer, every time?

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OUR Customers Say...

Thank you Rebecca. I really enjoyed the two days. I think this has been one of the best courses I have ever attended.

The course was very thought provoking and informative. Rebecca is a fantastic trainer, she held my attention throughout the session.

Best course I have been on since I joined (the organisation) ten years ago... Really practical, felt like our needs were really addressed. Thank you!

Rebecca is a brilliant and excellent trainer. She is positive and motivational, inspirational at the same time as showing empathy.

This is the best course I've done.
I feel I am able to put what I've learned into practice not only with people I manage but with myself too.

Thank you Rebecca, you are an
excellent down to earth trainer. Really enjoyed the course!

Very useful techniques that I know I can take forward and continue to develop. Really liked the interactive activities and felt I actually learnt something I can use!

Trainer shared experiences and the discussion made everyone feel comfortable and confident.

I really enjoyed the course and will use plenty of what I have learned. Rebecca is really friendly and approachable.
A joy to be on the course. Thank U!

This was a brilliant few hours and I could have happily spent all day on the subject!

Very informative, very engaging trainer...
I wish I had had this training 20 years ago!

Rebecca was easy to talk to and very welcoming. She broke things down and enabled me to rethink my strategies.

Great trainer, brilliant afternoon – wish it had been a full day!

Really useful course, one of the best
I have been on! Rebecca was enthusiastic, informative, interesting. Thank you!

Rebecca was excellent – really knew her stuff! Really useful content, already thinking how I am going to change my behaviour or use tools learnt in my working life.

Really good course that had clearly been well thought through. I will certainly be referring to the content again.

Excellent trainer. Fantastic delivery of the material and really brought the best out of the group.

Content was well researched and the trainer knew the subject well. I liked how Rebecca listened to what we had to say.
It was a great experience, thank you!

Enjoyable day, thought provoking and instructive. Made me reconsider current practises. Great delivery, well paced, good amount of interaction.

The most enjoyable course I have attended. I felt that I learnt a lot about myself and can use this in relating and communicating with my team. THANK YOU!

I have been on several similar courses in previous employments, but this is the best one. It has given me tools and helpful hints, as well as being enjoyable.

The trainer was very enthusiastic and this rubbed off on everyone else!

The course has helped to highlight room for improvement in my work and has given me a new sense of confidence.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and content and found the trainer very encouraging and engaging.

This course exceeded expectations and
I will be recommending it to colleagues.

Rebecca is an excellent trainer who is clear and helpful, professional and jargon-free. Lots of practical tips. Thanks!

Rebecca is an excellent trainer and I always come out of her sessions feeling inspired and positive!

Fantastic training… I think it helps to look at your behaviour and learn to deal with everyday situations more positively. Excellent.

Really enthusiastic trainer – very motivational! Got some good ideas to take forward and use in the future.

Course was very helpful and light-hearted. Everyone appears to have improved their positivity. Very impressed with the content and layout of the course – very good fun!

Thanks for today, Rebecca. I think it will really help.

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