The power of focused, high quality, facilitated thinking should never be underestimated. Coaching draws out the ability that people already have within them, and gives them the space to explore new possibilities, strategies and solutions in a safe environment.

An experienced coach can also introduce new insights and ideas, to stimulate the creative thinking process further. Performance coaching has a part to play right across your organisation…

Business leaders and strategists: Successful people know that in order to stay at the top of their game high quality, uninterrupted thinking time is not a luxury – it’s an essential. Coaching provides the time and space to review strategy and work through issues. It challenges your assumptions and helps you clarify your thinking in order to identify and commit to your next steps.

Challenging, creative, astonishing … your own thinking is the best business tool you have, so keep it sharp!

Customer service and sales people: Your business strategy may be pure gold, but are your employees up to the task of delivering it? Performance coaching is a targeted and powerful way to help your people truly be your best asset.

You can use performance coaching to support a larger training programme or as a flexible alternative to formal training – perfect if you can’t let all your staff go on a course at once. Talk to us about one-to-one and group coaching for outstanding customer service delivery, presentations and pitches, team relationship building … where do you need your people to be taking their performance to the next level?

Line managers and team leaders: Line managers are a vital part of enabling your employees to do their best work. Yet often they are promoted into a supervisory role without any real opportunity to acquire the skills and insights needed to manage people in a way that understands, motivates and inspires them.

Management coaching provides a discreet and supportive environment in which managers, whether experienced or not, can explore their interactions with their team members, think through different situations and discover how to make the most of their management style and skills to everyone’s benefit.

Are you ready to start things moving? Then let’s talk.

To find out how performance coaching can fast forward your business, contact us for a FREE introductory meeting. It commits you to nothing, but you will get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

“I have found the coaching experience brilliant! … I have learned the importance of self-belief and also of thinking all around an issue rather than just what might have always worked or failed before. The ability to develop this approach and share with others has been so beneficial that I would recommend it to anyone.”
Operational Service Manager, Essex County Council

“As a result of going through the (coaching) process with Rebecca I have since found it easier to make what I find difficult decisions … in short what is easy for me is not necessarily the correct route or decision. I found the whole experience to be of real benefit to me and my team. It (in my opinion) would be of real use for all new appointees in managerial positions.”
Service Manager, London City Airport

“What was the most useful aspect of coaching? Being able to open up my worries and fears in a safe environment…also giving me a chance to look at things a different way. I found Rebecca very easy to work with and she gave me some valuable techniques etc that I have used. I would definitely recommend (coaching) to others.”
Section Leader, Writtle College


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OUR Customers Say...

Thank you Rebecca. I really enjoyed the two days. I think this has been one of the best courses I have ever attended.

The course was very thought provoking and informative. Rebecca is a fantastic trainer, she held my attention throughout the session.

Best course I have been on since I joined (the organisation) ten years ago... Really practical, felt like our needs were really addressed. Thank you!

Rebecca is a brilliant and excellent trainer. She is positive and motivational, inspirational at the same time as showing empathy.

This is the best course I've done.
I feel I am able to put what I've learned into practice not only with people I manage but with myself too.

Thank you Rebecca, you are an
excellent down to earth trainer. Really enjoyed the course!

Very useful techniques that I know I can take forward and continue to develop. Really liked the interactive activities and felt I actually learnt something I can use!

Trainer shared experiences and the discussion made everyone feel comfortable and confident.

I really enjoyed the course and will use plenty of what I have learned. Rebecca is really friendly and approachable.
A joy to be on the course. Thank U!

This was a brilliant few hours and I could have happily spent all day on the subject!

Very informative, very engaging trainer...
I wish I had had this training 20 years ago!

Rebecca was easy to talk to and very welcoming. She broke things down and enabled me to rethink my strategies.

Great trainer, brilliant afternoon – wish it had been a full day!

Really useful course, one of the best
I have been on! Rebecca was enthusiastic, informative, interesting. Thank you!

Rebecca was excellent – really knew her stuff! Really useful content, already thinking how I am going to change my behaviour or use tools learnt in my working life.

Really good course that had clearly been well thought through. I will certainly be referring to the content again.

Excellent trainer. Fantastic delivery of the material and really brought the best out of the group.

Content was well researched and the trainer knew the subject well. I liked how Rebecca listened to what we had to say.
It was a great experience, thank you!

Enjoyable day, thought provoking and instructive. Made me reconsider current practises. Great delivery, well paced, good amount of interaction.

The most enjoyable course I have attended. I felt that I learnt a lot about myself and can use this in relating and communicating with my team. THANK YOU!

I have been on several similar courses in previous employments, but this is the best one. It has given me tools and helpful hints, as well as being enjoyable.

The trainer was very enthusiastic and this rubbed off on everyone else!

The course has helped to highlight room for improvement in my work and has given me a new sense of confidence.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and content and found the trainer very encouraging and engaging.

This course exceeded expectations and
I will be recommending it to colleagues.

Rebecca is an excellent trainer who is clear and helpful, professional and jargon-free. Lots of practical tips. Thanks!

Rebecca is an excellent trainer and I always come out of her sessions feeling inspired and positive!

Fantastic training… I think it helps to look at your behaviour and learn to deal with everyday situations more positively. Excellent.

Really enthusiastic trainer – very motivational! Got some good ideas to take forward and use in the future.

Course was very helpful and light-hearted. Everyone appears to have improved their positivity. Very impressed with the content and layout of the course – very good fun!

Thanks for today, Rebecca. I think it will really help.

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