Springboard: Booking ends 20 January!

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The Springboard Women’s Development Programme is a phenomenon.

It’s the flagship development programme for women that’s growing female talent in communities and businesses in over 40 countries. Here in the UK it’s often only available to employees of large organisations in-house – so here’s a rare opportunity for smaller businesses and individuals to access an open programme right here in Suffolk.

What does it cover?

  • Knowing yourself and what matters to you
  • Making change work for you
  • Promoting a positive image
  • Assertiveness and growing your confidence
  • Goal setting for the short and long term
  • Networking and making things happen
  • And much more…

Why should employers be interested?

Springboard provides a way for employers to effectively realise the potential of their female staff, and can be a key component in an organisation’s diversity/gender initiative. Managers say they are delighted with the outcomes for their staff who attend. They say women become more focused and confident, they bring solutions to problems, are more positive, deal with change better and have improved communication skills.

Why women only?

Although women and men share many common issues and pressures, they also have those that are different. They tend to process information, communicate and problem solve in different ways. Want to support your male staff in the same way? Ask about Navigator, the equivalent programme for men.

What are the workshop dates?

30 January, 27 February, 27 March and 24 April 2017. All workshops running 10.00 – 4.30 in Ipswich, Suffolk.

How much does a place cost?

Just £350.00. This buys you all four workshops, all materials including the Springboard workbook, all lunches and refreshments. We’ve priced it extremely competitively, in order to make accessible to as many women as possible.

Get in touch today for full details and to reserve your place.

Last day to book: Friday 20 January 2017. Don’t miss out!