Effective Communication for Busy Teams


Profiling that uses the language of colour to help people work better together.

Strong teams achieve amazing things.

Central to team unity and smooth working is that individuals understand what makes each other ‘tick’, and this is where a sound profiling model is invaluable.

Effective Communication for Busy Teams walks participants through the Jungian principles behind the Clarity4D model, interpreting their own personal profile and applying what they’ve learned to colleagues and customers.

The modules:

  • Clarity4D and Me
  • Clarity4D and Others
  • Putting It All Together
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: The Clarity4D Team Map

How it works:

Participants complete the Clarity4D online questionnaire in advance of the first workshop, so they have their personal profile at module 1.

The 3 x four-hour modules can be delivered in workshop format at your venue.

Alternatively, 5 x two-hour modules can be delivered online via video conferencing. This requires a little more input from participants in between sessions.

In either format, modules can be grouped together, making the programme truly flexible.

The programme can be tailored to include material unique to your organisation.

An additional module introducing analysis of and discussion around the Clarity4D Team Map tool is also available.

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Wow! It’s like they know me! Questionnaire was very quick and easy to use. I can definitely make use of what this is telling me.

Sally Parkinson, Sally Parkinson Photography