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Working with Eddie: A do-er not a say-er

Several years ago I had a boss (we’ll call him Eddie), who described himself as ‘a do-er not a say-er’. On my first day in the job he invited me to accompany him round the building whilst he carried out

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The Lego Movie: Are teams really that awesome?

“Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team Everything is awesome, living our dream…” The Lego Movie has been offering much delight in our household over these dark winter days, particularly the cringingly awful song ‘Everything

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Clarity4D profiling now available from Winnthinking

Clarity4D is a powerful profiling tool, ideal for individuals who want to understand their own strengths and development points better. It is also for organisations who want more insight into what makes their people ‘tick’ and how to bring about

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