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It’s YOUR training. What’s in it for ME?

Trainers, meet the Prisoner in the room. The person that’s looking anywhere but at you – or staring blankly at you with ‘challenge’ etched in hard lines on their face. How do we convert that Prisoner (and it might be a roomful of them) into a Learner? Indeed, how do we help everyone engage productively?

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How to get more bang for your training buck

There are, it is said, three types of training course participant:   Holidaymakers Prisoners Learners Holidaymakers are those who put themselves on a course – usually an in-house one – because they see it as an easy day’s work and

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Designing and Delivering Training that Sticks

If you attend training regularly you may have found that some sessions are forgotten almost the minute you step out of the door. Others will have you so crackling with new ideas and insights that you are still returning mentally

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