Spring Forward®

Bespoke Training

The innovative personal development programme for new and aspiring leaders. Because being successful in your career means developing all of you, not just the part that comes to work.

Spring Forward is special. Designed for people who are already on the way up in their organisation, it’s chosen over other leadership development programmes by employers who realise that bringing talented people to their full potential means providing more than just intellectual knowledge. Spring Forward is also used by entrepreneurs embarking on the leadership of a new business venture.

So why is it different?

Successful modern leaders have more than just organisational skills. They must also be resilient, creative, emotionally intelligent and self aware. Spring Forward enables people to make the most of themselves and therefore produce their best results for their employers. It delivers:

  • A clear focus on career progression and defining aspirations
  • A more creative and broad-thinking approach to problem solving
  • Increased willingness to embrace leadership and take responsibility
  • Improved performance
  • Greater wellbeing and better management of stressful situations
  • More effective leadership of teams and projects

“An unexpected approach, but with uplifting and energising results for me personally. Never before have I felt so revitalised after attending a course.”

What does it include?

This practical programme runs over two to three months, and includes:

  • A two-day workshop to open the programme
  • A one-day workshop to conclude
  • Visiting Speakers who bring inspiration, challenge and a wealth of experience
  • Project work that’s defined and driven by the participant to benefit their organisation and personal development
  • A learning community which can include coaching and mentoring as well as peer support
  • An attractive and comprehensive course pack
  • The input of an expert licensed facilitator
  • Optional extras: additional material on more specialised subjects is available for delivery at a third workshop, by arrangement

“Take a risk and put your name down for Spring Forward, you will be challenged and changed by the experience – for the better.”

Find out how to set up a Spring Forward programme in your organisation – or talk to us about setting up an open programme locally.

Ready to Spring Forward on the next step of your journey?