The Springboard® Women’s Development Programme


“I loved the course, it feels like it’s a journey I have just started. For the first time after a long time I feel like my life is now not ‘set’ and if I want to I can change and improve any aspect I want. A wonderful experience, it has opened my eyes and I would recommend it to women that are still understanding who they are and where they want to be.”*

Rebecca is proud to be a licensed trainer for the wonderful Springboard Women’s Development Programme. This is for any woman** who wants to explore and achieve her full potential, and any organisation that’s serious about supporting and developing its female employees.

Springboard for you: Springboard is for women from all backgrounds, of all ages and at all stages of their lives. It is for any woman who wants to take more control over her life or career, make some decisions about what to do next and take on the future with greater confidence.

“I feel 100% more confident in my own ability. Learnt more about me as a person. What skills and attributes I have which I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Learnt to appreciate myself more. Definitely learned to accept compliments from higher management and to have open and frank conversations about what I want from work and home life.”*

Springboard for employers: Springboard provides a way for employers to effectively realise the potential of their female staff, and can be a key component in an organisation’s diversity/gender initiative. The managers of participants say they are delighted with the outcomes; they say women become more focused and confident, they bring solutions instead of problems, are more positive, deal with change better and have improved communication skills. Powerful stuff.

Why women only? Although women and men share many common issues and pressures, they also have many that are different. They also tend to process information, communicate and problem solve in different ways. Single gender training works!

“This programme gives you the opportunity to stop for a moment and think about yourself, about the things you can approve and the things you need to change in order to be genuinely be happy with your life.”*

The programme runs over three months and includes:

  • Four action-packed, one-day workshops at monthly intervals
  • A practical workbook full of exercises, ideas and encouragement
  • Brilliant guest speakers – inspiring women who come to share their stories
  • Great networking with other women, lots of laughter, new friendships and peer support

Talk to us about finding an open programme locally – or how about setting one up where you work? Springboard can be run for small or large groups, making it truly flexible and cost-effective. Why not co-run a programme with another organisation or two and share the cost?

“Worth doing it to help with your career and life journey as it opens your eyes to more even beyond the organisation you work in and you realise the important things and what they mean to you.”*

“Springboard has been a really good experience for me and it has made me look at my personal/work life in a different way. It has improved my confidence.” *

“I can’t speak highly enough of the programme… the course looked at all the issues I felt I had to work on. Most of it seems obvious but it helps you to think in a healthier way.”*

*All quotations from course participants in 2012 and 2013
**Non-binary people are warmly welcomed at both Springboard and Navigator. Please get in touch.

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