Great attitude, great performance

We develop the people who represent your brand every day – at enquiry desks, in call centres, on helplines, in sales meetings, in complaint teams and in volunteer roles. We also work with those in back office support and administration roles, and with the strategic leaders and line managers who direct, develop and inspire your people.

Our Approach

Great performance starts with a great attitude. The principles behind the success of our training and coaching programmes are:

Learning outcomes must align with the bigger picture. Your customer service delivery will only ever be as good as the infrastructure that backs it up. We’ll be asking how the rest of your organisation is playing its part in creating the ultimate customer experience. You can’t just leave it to the guys up front.

People will only learn if they want to. We believe in developing the whole person, not just the job title. In order to engage fully, people need to see how what they’re learning will directly benefit them, both at work and as a rounded individual. That’s how the learning ‘sticks’, and that’s what transforms performance.

Learning should be stimulating, challenging, engrossing and FUN! It should never be a bore or a chore, whether it’s a group training session or a one to one coaching conversation. Life’s too short, and everyone’s time is just too precious.

Follow up is crucial. Your organisation must be clear about how it will support its learners going forward. It’s vital that all their new ideas and good intentions are supported and nurtured as soon as they’re back in the workplace, so they become embedded as the new way of working.

Learning outcomes should be measurable. Training and coaching can only be considered successful if it delivers clear, measurable, lasting outcomes for the individual learner, their colleagues, their employer and their customers. We agree what those measures should be with you up front, so you can be confident that we’ve delivered what we promised.

“Rebecca delivered invaluable techniques through workshops and a 1-2-1 follow up, the team really enjoyed the learning process and continue to use the tools and anecdotes provided. As a management team we have reaped the rewards of a motivated team and happier customers.”
Operations Manager, EWA Ltd.